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Plumbing Industry Paths to Licensing Maintaining your Active License License Renewal Bond and Insurance Continuing Education Documents and Applications Notice of Work in Incorporated Area Without an Inspector (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/note-wo-permit/Notification%20Form.pdf) Rules/Laws Plumbing Committees and Boards Further Resources FAQs

Paths to Licensing New to the plumbing industry? Get on the path to a license! Follow a path below: Become a Plumbing Apprentice (/plumbing-apprentice) Become a Plumbing Journeyman (/plumbing-journeyman) Become a Plumbing Contractor (/plumbing-contractor) Attain Alternate Licenses Temporary Journeyman Application for State of Emergency (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/plumbing/Temporary%20Journeyman%20Plumbing%20Application.pdf)

Maintaining Your Active License Already have a license? Follow steps below to help keep it maintained. Journeyman Keep up with Continuing Education Units every 36 months Renew your license (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Renewal/Contractor%20OR%20Journeyman%20Renewal%20Form.pdf)

Contractor Keep up with Continuing Education Units Renew Your License (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Renewal/Contractor%20OR%20Journeyman%20Renewal%20Form.pdf) Maintain Bond and Insurance (/active-contractor-requirements) Follow Apprentice Requirements (/active-contractor-requirements) Follow Proper Display of License (/active-contractor-requirements)

For complete information on licensing requirements see the Plumbing License Law of 1955 and Plumbing Industry Regulations (

License Renewal for Licensed Plumbers Plumbing License Renewal Application (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Renewal/Contractor%20OR%20Journeyman%20Renewal%20Form.pdf)

Bond & Insurance Requirements and Forms License Bond Form, Contractor Requirements and Information (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/BondInsurance/License%20Bond%20Form.pdf) (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Bond-Insurance/Plumbing%20Affidavit.pdf) Affidavit for Plumbing (Waiver for Bond & Insurance) (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/BondInsurance/Plumbing%20Affidavit.pdf)

Continuing Education The following courses are offered for licensed plumbers on a month by month basis. Please see the schedule and times to enroll. Plumbing CEU Courses (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/CEU/plumbing/Plumbing%20CEU%20Classes.pdf)

Documents and Applications Plumbing License Application (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/plumbing/Plumbing%20Application.pdf) Plumbing License Renewal (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Renewal/Contractor%20OR%20Journeyman%20Renewal%20Form.pdf) Affidavit Verification of Citizenship

( Apprentice Application Form (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/apprentice/Apprentice%20Application.pdf) Continuing Education (CEU) Application (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/ceu/CEU%20Application.pdf) CEU Complaint Form (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/ceu/CEU%20Complaint%20Form.pdf) Notification of Work Without Permit Form (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/note-wopermit/Notification%20Form.pdf) Notice of Work in Incorporated Area Without an Inspector (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/note-wopermit/Notification%20Form.pdf) Plan Review Request (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/planreview/Plan%20Review%20Request.pdf) Temporary Journeyman Application for State of Emergency (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/plumbing/Temporary%20Journeyman%20Plumbing%20Application.pdf) Variance and Appeals Application (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/variance/Variance%20Application.pdf)

Rules and Laws Permanent Rules (Title 158, Ch 30) (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/RulesLaws/PermRules/Title%20158%20Chapter%2030.pdf) Oklahoma Plumbing License Law (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/RulesLaws/Act/Title%2059%20The%20Plumbing%20License%20Law%20of%201955.pdf)

Plumbing Industry Committees/Boards Plumbing Examiners Committee (/plumbing-committees-and-boards#examiners) Plumbing Hearing Board (/plumbing-committees-and-boards#hearing) Plumbing Installation Code Variance And Appeals Board (/plumbing-committees-and-boards#variance)

Further Resources International Code Council (ICC) ( Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission (OUBCC) ( Testing/Exam Information (/testingexam-information) Notice of Work in Incorporated Area Without an Inspector (/Websites/ciboard/images/DOCUMENTS/Forms/Applications/note-wopermit/Notification%20Form.pdf) Further Legal Decisions (/plumbing-further-legal-decisions)

Plumbing Industry FAQs Q: What are the Continuing Education requirements? A: All Journeymen and Contractors are required to have received six (6) hours of continuing education within the preceding thirty-six (36) months of their license expiration. Visit the Plumbing Industry page for a list of approved CEU courses (/plumbing#ceu) under “Continuing Education”.

Q: If I fail the test when can I take it again? A: Thirty (30) days after the first failure, and ninety (90) days after subsequent failure(s).

Q: My contractor has not provided me with the hours I have worked for him so I can prove my experience counts towards licensing. What can I do? A. Send a written request to the contractor. Contact the CIB if the contractor fails to provide the information after written request.

Q: How can I prove my hours of experience when the contractors I have worked for are dead or out of business? A: You may use tax records or contact your social security office and request a “Work History Report” and submit a copy of those documents with your application.

Q: Is an apprentice application required every year for apprentice work? A: Yes. In order for apprentice work experience to be counted towards licensing, it must be verifiable through apprentice registration, unless lawfully obtained while exempted.

Q: Does a licensed contractor have to sign off on the apprentice application every year? A: Yes, the licensed contractor or approved school/training instructor has to sign the application for the apprentice every year.

Q: Does the CIB keep track of the apprentice hours worked yearly? A: No, the licensed contractor must, and the apprentice should, keep an account of the apprentice hours worked each year. Q: I need an application / renewal form / I did not get my renewal form. A: The application is available for download from this website by going to “Forms/Applications (/plumbing#forms)” and clicking on the specific form. Forms are also available at the CIB office, or a form can be mailed to you upon request. When a licensee or registrant has a change in address or phone number, notice to the CIB is required.

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Plumbing Industry | Construction Industries Board

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