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Artificial Intelligence Marketing in Advertising Platform Studies revealed that marketers spend hugely on influencer marketing campaigns on yearly basis. As a new business, you might be wondering about why you should invest in influencer marketing and whether it is here to stay or not. In this short article, these questions will be treated. Influencer marketing can be said to be a marketing strategy where a company makes use of social media influencers to promote products and services. An influencer is someone who is extremely popular on social media and has a large follower base. Influencers are similar to celebrities, but they are more approachable and relatable. They are people who are experts in a particular field and provides their follower with valuable inputs, tips, and tricks. Why influencer marketing is here to stay Several years back, people witnessed celebrities endorsing brands on television. As time goes on, marketers find them not to be authentic. In the early 2000s, we all witnessed a fast rise in the number of non-celebrity thought leaders, who are expert in certain domains. Customers seeking information found advice from these influencers extremely helpful and more realistic. This caused an increase in influencer marketing base where we now have numerous companies that specialize in providing influencer marketing services, by connecting brands with the right influencers.

Since then, influencer endorsement has taken precedence over celebrity endorsements in the minds of customers. Here are a few out of the numerous reasons why influencer marketing is here to stay 1. Influencers are more trustworthy Influencers tend to have used the product they are influencing compared to celebrities who influences just for monetary gain. This makes influencers more believable and authentic. 2. Influencers are more involved The simple truth is that influencers care more about their followers and that is why they will always try out the tips they offer before introducing it to their followers. They establish a long relationship with their customers and tend to help them solve their problems as well. 3. Influencers are highly engaging The highest a brand can do is to post content on social media and allow their followers to interact amongst themselves. Influencers would rather choose to actively communicate with their followers on a daily basis. This makes influencers to be highly personal and in tune with their follower’s needs. Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. One of the best AI Marketing automation tools for better campaign success.



IS AI INFLUENCER MARKETING HERE TO STAY? Artificial Intelligence Marketing in Advertising Platform Studies revealed that marketers spend hugely on in...

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