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Frequent Questions and Answers Thank you for your interest in tax deed auctions in Latah County. The following is an attempt to answer frequent questions.              

Unless otherwise noted (**) we have no tax deed auctions scheduled in Latah County. Auctions are held in the Board of County Commissioners offices on the ground floor of the Latah County Courthouse located at 522 S. Adams, Moscow, Idaho. The auction is an open bidding process. We accept funds in cash, cash equivalent, cashiers check as well as a personal check if funds can be verified and banked the same day as the auction. We do require payment in full the day of purchase. There are no financing plans available through the county. All sales are final and debts are extinguished as a result of the sale. When the property is sold the buyer will receive a quit claim deed. The Pullman/Moscow Daily news is Latah County’s newspaper of record. Auctions are advertised 3 times in the course of 3 weeks prior to the auction. Properties which do not sell remain the property of Latah County Board of Commissioners. Unless otherwise noted (**) there are no properties for sale at this time. Pre-Registration is not required for auctions. Registration takes place at the door just prior to the auction. Latah County does not sell property “over the counter” or via internet. Latah County does not provide lists of delinquent property. We do maintain a mailing list of interested parties to be informed of upcoming sales. If you would like your name added or removed from this list please contact our office at 208-883-2252 or [email protected] This list is not shared or published. Idaho State Code governing the Tax Deed process are available on the internet at http://www3.state.id.us/idstat/TOC/idstTOC.html; select Title 63; Chapter 10.

Idaho State Code allows property to become three years delinquent before any action is taken by the County. After property is taken to Tax Deed for unpaid taxes the original owner retains one additional year, or until the property is sold, in which to redeem the property by paying all taxes due. For this reason, most county commissioners choose to hold ‘ property of value’ for the one year redemption period before taking action to sell. Once the decision is made to sell property, ads are placed in the local ‘newspaper of record’. These ads describe the property, detail the bid procedure and set a time and date for the sale. Latah County is fortunate to have a very stable economy, thus minimizing the need for frequent property sales. Most often our tax deeded property is not considered ‘property of value’, but rather small pieces that are landlocked between properties without access. Of course there are always exceptions. We will retain your name and address in our file and should a piece of property be made available, in the future you will receive notification. Thank you for your interest. (**) CLICK HERE TO CHECK FOR PROPERTY SALES



Frequent Questions and Answers Thank you for your interest in tax deed auctions in Latah County. The following is an attempt to answer frequent questi...

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