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Decision Date - Veterans Affairs


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The One-VA Enterprise Architecture (One-VA EA) is a comprehensive picture of the Department of Veterans Affairs' operations, capabilities and services and the business processes and IT capabilities that support them. The VA's (/Services/TRM/TRMReportsPage.aspx) architecture is an evolving entity built through ongoing collaboration between business and technology leaders and staff Submit Idea to Improve TRM across the administration. As the organization evolves and strives to meet change, its architectural picture changes. TRM Reports


The Department of Veterans Affairs One-VA Technical Reference Model (One-VA TRM) is one component within the overall EA that establishes a common vocabulary and structure for describing the information technology used to develop, (/Services/TRM/TRMGlossaryPage.aspx) operate, and maintain enterprise applications. Moreover, the One-VA TRM, which includes the Standards Profile and Product List, serves as a technology roadmap and tool for supporting Office of Information Technology (OIT). Site Map TRM Glossary


Use this site to determine the technical alignment of projects/programs as part of the Program Management Accountability System (PMAS) process. Users can search for technologies, generate reports, review forecasts, and access release history. Your adherence to the One-VA TRM is essential to improving the technical environment within VA. Architecture, Strategy & Design (ASD), specifically EA, has overall responsibility for the One-VA TRM and needs your support and cooperation to make it a success.

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Decision Date - Veterans Affairs

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